Was sind die Coffee Shop Effekte?

Was sind die Coffee Shop Effekte?

Have you ever heard of the coffee shop effects? Keep reading this article to find out.

Are you familiar with those moments when you feel very unproductive in the morning when all you wanna do is just to get your work done? You might wanna get the coffee shop effect if you’re feeling that way again next time.

It’s a phenomenal trend currently happening where you feel like you’re instantly productive when you arrived in a coffee shop. In a few hours, you don’t realise that you’ve done two or three tasks that you need to do that day. This weapon might not work for everyone, but you should try it when you have a very close deadline ahead of you or when you just have a lot to do.

There are some explanations about why The Coffee Shop Effects could make you feel more productive and focused.

  1. Brains Love Novelty

Do you think of yourself as someone who thrives with predictability and routine? Funny enough, scientists would probably be quick to disagree with you.

You might not realise it, but your brain is secret, subconsciously in love with novelty. Yes, you might not be aware of it. Your brain is triggered to try something new, something exciting, and something you feel like you want to explore.

According to a psychologist, Marvin Zuckerman, PhD in a paper about human needs for novelty, Homo Sapiens were the only group of the early years to emigrate all around the world, which had to face great risk, thus, humans are characterized by novelty, and seeking for intensity. Despite evolution itself, there are numerous reasons why your brain stimulates to novelty and do you know that when you’re faced with something thrilling and new, your brain releases dopamine?

Dopamine is that “oh so good” brain chemical sensation your brain releases. At first, dopamine was considered as a reward, but it turns out that it motivates you, in a way that it makes you want something more, seek and hunt something else.

coffee shop

The reward in this coffee shop scenario? The novel new location is effectively a blank canvas for your productivity: a fresh, new environment in which you’ll be able to tackle everything you need to do (or, you know, the slice of pumpkin loaf you treat yourself to as a result).

The other reason why your brain is more productive in a coffee shop (in a new location) is that it’s a new environment, it’s fresh, and you hardly ever stay there. Imagine a blank notebook you’ve never written before, it’s like a fresh start for you to write a lot of things.

If you’re working in a new place, you’re training the neuroplasticity in your brain and when it is confronted with something new, your brain will respond differently. This means that your brain will become more creative because it’s been confronted with something new. By working in a new place, you’re letting your brain to think outside the box, think differently, and activating it.

So the new surroundings and environment around you are playing a role to feed your brain.

  1. You’re Playing The Victim Card

All this said, surely there is a routine you find that you’re often falling into. There’s something comforting about that predictability. It’s also far too easy, however, to fall into the rhythm of routines that are completely unproductive.

Admit it, you love playing the victim card. You’re falling into your own lazy thoughts because there is something else more comforting in your place or in your surroundings. You’re used to the rhythm of routines you have every day. You’re blaming your surroundings towards how you feel and point yourself as the victim. When the fact is, your brain is already connected to a specific routine around the surroundings. That’s why it’s simple for you to relax instead of working in your house because you usually come home feeling tired after some work at the office.

You can try to break the cycle by going to a different place with new surroundings to help your workflow and routines. According to Ralph Ryback, M.D. in an article for Psychology Today, “Environmental cues are essential when it comes to habit formation, in part because the brain is excellent at connecting an environment with a specific situation.”

It’s impossible to hit peak productivity 100% of the time, so these healthy habit places are great to have handy when it’s crunch time. For example, because I always get so much done at my local cafe, my brain now connects that environment with increased productivity—which means the cycle typically repeats itself when I return again for another work session.

Your new productive habit will start once you build a new routine in a new place. For example, you’re going to a coffee shop and you start to work, you’re being productive, and you actually finish the job. Next time you visit that coffee shop again, your brain will remember the feeling of accomplishment and you’ll more likely to feel more productive again.

  1. Know Your Intentions

What are your intentions? Is it because you want to change your surroundings or is it because you know you’re going to work later in a coffee shop that actually motivates you to be productive and be more serious? Whatever the intentions are, in the end, it’s actually both of them. You already have the mindset to finish work and get a lot of work done.

A change of environment and surroundings do have an impact on your mind and motivation and make you want to finish all your to-do list, get them done that day.

Are you ready to go for a coffee?

If you’re not familiar working in a public place or in a coffee shop, try to choose the less busy one and leave your comfort zone aka your house to try something new and train your brain. It also seems a little weird at first to think you’ll be more productive in a place where there are more people in it rather being alone in your room. However, science will never lie and you need to try it for yourself. Of course, it might not work for everyone because some people will feel more focused and productive in a quiet place where they can be alone and totally focus on their work.

Next time you’re playing the victim card again, try to get out of your comfort zone

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