Wie sich Ihr Job und Ihr Büro auf Ihre Produktivität auswirken

Wie sich Ihr Job und Ihr Büro auf Ihre Produktivität auswirken

Do you have any idea about how your job and office impacts your productivity?

No lies we love the salary and that’s probably one of the reasons why we take the job, or maybe the healthy environment, clean and comfortable office, and good management of human resources. However, do you feel productive in your own surroundings? Are you able to accomplish the tasks you need to do that day?

Some people might find themselves feeling very unproductive and unmotivated at work just staring at the screen without getting much work done. This usually happens because you’ve been at the office for a long time, same environment, surroundings, people. You’re getting used to a routine, comfortable with the flow, and without you realising it, your brain is starting to take things easy.

There’s a solution you can try to avoid unproductivity at work.

Bring all the paperwork and your laptop to a coffee shop. Yes, it has been proved to help your productivity and creativity. How so?!

coffee and productivity

Coffee Stimulates Your Brain To Be More Creative

No matter how pretty your office is, you’ll still fall into the same routine which makes your brain think the same most of the time. Which means no creativity at all. Coffee contains caffeine and it has the ability to awaken your brain to be more responsive and that’s only the coffee itself. Not to mention, the atmosphere of the coffee shop you’re working at. If there are more people working in the coffee shops, you’ll be more likely to follow the rhythm and be more productive.

A new place also gives your brain stimulation to think outside the box and be more creative because you’ve never been in that place before. Once you’re in that place and start a new routine, you’ll follow the same routine when you come back there. So if you set your mind you’ll accomplish your tasks today in a coffee shop, and you do, the same routine will follow next time you visit.

You’ll Be Less Distracted

You might be happy with your job and your office, but your colleagues will always distract you with other works that are connected to yours, or unintentionally bother you in some ways and eventually, you’ll lose focus.

You’ll also be less distracted because you don’t know anyone in the coffee shop and it limits you from striking a conversation with people that will only consume your time and make your mind focus elsewhere. The people who also work around you will make you feel motivated to finish your tasks. Do you know that J.K. Rowling wrote the legendary Harry Potter in different coffee shops?

Here’s a scientific fact: did you know that whenever you’re going to do a different task and you’re interrupted, it takes you 30 minutes to concentrate again? That’s why being a hundred per cent focused and uninterrupted is important.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, you can try different kinds of coffee shop that you like most. Find the coffee shop that meets your needs. Not every coffee shops will be comfortable enough for you, quiet enough, or crowd enough. You need to try them by yourselves and see which one you like best. It’s also not necessary to work in a coffee shop all the time rather than the office. You can try to pick the best time for you to do it when you have tons of paperwork or just wanna be alone and uninterrupted.

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