Coffee Trends You Can Follow In Early 2019

Coffee Trends You Can Follow In Early 2019

There are a lot of wonderful things happening in the specialty coffee industry. If you think it’s boring because they always sell the same things or because they don’t do any innovation with their drinks, you’re wrong. Here are some of the trends that are really happening in the spceialty coffee industry now.

  1. Dual Espresso Offering

This idea was a bomb when it first came out. It’s considered as a breakthrough that multiple espressos are being sold. Multiple espressos don’t mean that they make two cups of different espresso and mix it together. It means that the beans are mixed and the result will surprise you. You’ll get curious about other beans and find yourself wanting to try more of this dual espresso offer.

  1. No More Tipping

Say goodbye to tipping for it has been replaced with the service charge. The service charge usually takes between 10 up to 20 percent which is equally the same if you give them a tip. In a coffee shop, tip is more likely to be given before the service or while you order the coffee because they usually have a little jar with silly writings on it. It’ll be a bit awkward if you’ve seen it but didn’t do anything about it.


  1. Digital Reward Cards

Digital Reward Cards will change your life and your way of thinking before you buy new things, forever. You can go cashless and pay with your phone instead. The best thing is you buy your daily coffee because you want them, not because you’re collecting the rewards, but they reward you anyways! Another benefit of this is that you don’t have to hold the card or lost the card because you have it all on your phone.

#5 Whole Bean Coffee From Independent Coffee Roasters at the Grocery Store

For as long as I can recall, the shelves of coffee at the grocery store were filled with low-grade canned coffee or big corporate brands like Starbucks or Peets. That is slowly changing. I’m seeing more and more independent coffee roasters getting shelf space at higher-end grocery stores.

  1. Whole Bean Coffee at the Grocery Store from Independent Coffee Roasters

It might sound like the last thing you want. You go to a coffee shop to get a nice cup of coffee with good quality but end up with coffee beans you often see at the grocery store. Slow down, it’s not that bad and you’ll never know until you try! Especially if you’re into dark roasted coffee, stronger taste with a thick body and earthy or spice hints in your coffee. Either you get it in a coffee shop or you get it yourself in a grocery store and brew the whole bean coffee itself at your house.

Beware for the roasting date on the bag! Choose the freshly roasted beans so it will last longer for you (if you seal and keep it right). Coffee beans which aren’t fresh roasted will affect the taste and won’t last as long. If you’re unable to find the roasting date on the bag, you can assume that it’s stale or try to find the “best before” date if they have it on their bag.

  1. Honey Processed Coffee

This topic probably deserves its own article because there is a lot to explain. In short, honey processed coffee doesn’t mean you process the coffee with actual honey. It just means that it’s between washed and natural processing. Different type of coffee can lead to different results even if you process your coffee with this method.

  1. Silent Grinders

It’s just a term where you choose grinders that are quieter and doesn’t have the hard crushing sounds. Silent grinders are usually the new ones and more modern, which means they are more precise and quieter.


  1. Decaf Coffee That Will Surprise You

Most people who drink decaf coffee have to do it to cut their caffeine portion per day, not because they want to. In fact, people prefer the usual coffee better than decaf coffee. However, if you measure the moisture level of the coffee beans, it’s possible for them to taste similar. A lot of roasters do not realise this and don’t consider the consumers who drink decaf coffee. Instead of thinking about it, they just roast it dark as usual.

  1. The Innovation of Instant Coffee

A lot of instant coffee doesn’t even feel like coffee. Admit it. When you drink it, it just seems like you’re drinking something bitter without any hint of flavour, but nowadays the instant coffee is evolving and you might surprise yourself with what you’re gonna find in the market.

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