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Consider These Tips Before You Open Your Own Coffee Shop

Consider These Tips Before You Open Your Own Coffee Shop

For anybody out there who have the idea to open their own coffee shop, maybe it’s just a little tiny whisper in your heart and mind, just a little idea. Well, there are some things to consider first before you really prepare everything down to the details such as human resource, equipment, location, and others.

1. Thoroughly Analyse The Trends
Be wary of the latest brewing machine, hype brewing technique, roasting profiles trending in the market, tasting notes that are trending among the customers. They all come and go God knows when. Be aware of what’s going on in the online or offline industry. It’ll be easier for you if you regularly visit a new coffee shop and see what’s going on there, what’s cool there and see what’s common between that place and another place.

If your pockets are deep enough, sure you won’t have any trouble getting the latest gear. But actually, the trends that are showing up are mostly not from the people who have businesses in the coffee shop or interested in coffee that much. It usually comes from people who have different interest minds and the ones who are not sure whether coffee is the ultimate option or not.

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These days, there are many new coffee shops which provide a roasting place and sell the beans too. They have the latest espresso machine, the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder not bothering the milk or water they use. It’s cool, but might be a wrong step for a start-up. Jumping too quickly to follow the trends will only limit your knowledge and education of what you don’t know before that and you don’t know what else is possible and capable.

How do I navigate the trend?! Visit coffee shops and consider what might be truly useful and work for you. No need to follow all the trends, just one or two that might actually survive the time, durable, and worth it.

2. Be a Coffee Person
The quality of the coffee must be sustained all time when you serve every single cup of coffee to the customers. Simply put that you’re the head of barista in your own coffee shop. You know what you want for your coffee shop and you know what’s best for it, you want your shop to give the best it can give and satisfy customers. Deliver your promise as a specialty coffee shop.

Hiring skilful barista is good, but it won’t guarantee anything to make your coffee shop successful. You’re the one who’s gotta be the best barista.

A great coffee shop is not simple. The recipe for a great coffee shop won’t be just a simple combination of good equipment, good beans, and good location. Instead, it’s more like the things in usual life. Hard work and talent. They will never ever betray you.

Train yourself in an official and certified coffee training place and get yourself certified. Also, try to train in different places, you’ll never know what you could find and there would be so many knowledge you could absorb from different places. Different places, trainers. means different techniques, methods and you’ll get to try everything and see which one is best for you.

There are lots of people who own a coffee shop and never get down to the real business, making coffee itself. Most of them are just there to see how the management goes, how are the employees, the customer traffic in a day, the environment or atmosphere of the place, but never really go down to create a cup of happiness. They never try to be the staff or the barista, just be a boss and always will be. However, some of them go down to business but simply don’t have the raw skills.

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This may sound painful, but honestly, those shops will never be successful. They could hardly make coffee as good as the leading coffeehouses.

There are also many other shops that are basically owned by baristas themselves and they end up settling for a different role. Don’t give yourself a break for too long because we don’t wanna hear people saying “it’s not as good as it used to be.” You need to stay alert at all times.

Being the head barista of your very own coffee shop comes with a great responsibility. You will need to practice, learn, hustle everything you can find about coffee, be the coffee geek, always thrive and set standards and you do all this constantly. In the end, what matters is driving your coffee shop to its best quality, to get better and better, always try constantly.

3. The Culture of Taking Care of People

A culture needs to be built in a place and it all comes down to the professionals who would love to take care of the shop and offer interactions, be politely intimate with each other and caring is not a transaction where you give and take, but it’s all about giving and expecting nothing in return. The rest will just come and follow you around if you do your best.

If you want to take care of people in a coffee shop, you can reflect it by caring for the coffee shop. Think of it as your home and you don’t want your home to be uncomfortable, dirty, look ugly when you have visitors. You don’t wanna make a bad impression and the longer they wanna stay, it’s like a compliment because it means they’re comfortable with you. Make the coffee shop the best you can make. Never end your curiosity for knowledge about coffee and everything related to that.

The main thing is the people who work at your place, your employees need to care about each other, care about the place, and care about the customers. Build what kind of culture you want in your place and create more than just coffee, ask how the customers think about the coffee and how it makes them feel. That’s a huge responsibility.

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