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“Cold-Brew Coffee Is More Beneficial For You” Is That True??

The highest beverage trend is now belong to cold brew coffee. It kicked off in early summer of 2014 and soon spread wide all over the world. It soon became a fetish. However, curiosity is a natural feeling of human and questions start to pop up about the brewing process. Which involves soaking coffee grounds in cold temperature of water for long periods.

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Nick Brown, editor of Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News shared:

“As the market has picked up, marketers are beating consumers over the head on all sides with claims about the quality and sometimes the unsure health benefits of RTD cold brew.”

The claims include lower caffeine dose and acidity caused by the process that replaces the heat of the usual brewed coffee with time.

So How Do They Create Cold Brew Coffee?

The cold brew method is to concentrate coffee grounds by soaking them in a cold temperature water for 12 to 24 hours. The filtered product will be diluted with two or three parts of hot or cold water, and milk or dairy replacement to one part coffee. The remaining essence could be stored in the fridge or refrigerator for six weeks or if you want to froze it, it could be for a long period.

cold brew

Don’t think of it as the traditional iced coffee. Iced coffee is fresh, hot brewed coffee poured over ice. Cold brew is from the process of some historians claim that the Dutch traders begin to do it in 1600s so coffee could travel much easier. But others believe that the method began in Japan or Central and South America.

The Claimed Health Benefits

It’s been said that cold brew coffee contain less caffeine and less acid than the usual brewed coffee.

#1: Lower Caffeine

Researchers did some tests using Starbucks regular house blend, they engaged by cold-brew system maker a person found that 40 milligrams of caffeine per 100 grams contained in cold-brew coffee. While the usual brew contained 61 milligrams of caffeine.

According to National Institutes of Health, huge amount of caffeine increase the possibility to suffer osteoporosis or fibrocystic disease. The warning also goes down to too much caffeine consumption for pregnant women.

#2: Lower Acidity

Toddy study also found that regular coffee that’s brewed cold had pH of 6.31. Instead, the hot brewed coffee only had 5.48 pH. (The lower the pH scale number is, means denote more acid).

Lower acidity is linked to several benefits. If the low acidity claimed is accurate, it would appeal more to the healthy consumers and some of the benefits include helping the bone health, reduce muscle wasting and reduce the risk of strokes, according to one of the articles in the Journal Environmental and Public Health.

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So… reversing decreased growth hormone affected by an acidic diet could possibly be beneficial for cardiovascular health to memory and cognition. But are those evidences ever enough?

Toddy Brown noted: “Nearly every hot- and cold-brewing method is different from the next, using different coffees, different ratios, different roasts and different recipes, plus cold brew’s lower acidity can be traced to the study commissioned. And the difference hasn’t been qualified by the scientific community.


#3: Cholesterol Won’t Be Affected

“I’m a coffee person, but there are some issues with coffee. For example, coffee is the second-highest sprayed crop in the world. In addition, how you brew your coffee can have an impact your health. Studies have shown us with coffee that’s hot-brewed, some individuals can actually raise their LDL levels, which is also bad.” Told the former coach on NBC’s “Biggest Loser” told contributor Robin D. Schatz. Cholesterol is one of the biggest concerns to get into the business.

Here’s the explanation: cafestol and kahweol chemical compounds are known as diterpenes. They’re a natural part of oils in the coffee. A higher risk inn cholesterol might not be limited to hot brewed coffee. Filtering the coffee will diminish cafestol and kahweol, yet since cold water doesn’t dissolve coffee any better than the hot water and coffee is soluble, it’s more likely possible that certain compounds won’t leach out when the coffee is brewed with cold water.

More studies are needed to determine if cold brewed coffee diminish or inhibits the diterpenes, so you may want to also filter your cold brew essence before consuming it if you have signs of cholesterol or fragile about it.

Cancer & Heart Disease

Coffee has been studied to have lots of antioxidants that could prevent heart disease, alzheimer, and cancer. You may have your reasons to be in love with your cold brew, but again, as a reminder, there’s no evidence to that. Whether the cold brew process itself negates or enhance those rich antioxidants.

cold brew

The process of oxidation happens at higher rates when coffee is brewed with hot water, according to UCLA’S Science and Food. Oxidized coffee oils could lead to bitterness and sour aftertaste. However, it has not been studied whether or not the water temperature could reduce coffee’s antioxidant benefits.

Read The Label!

RTD beverages or ready-to-drink cold brew products might be kept at home or you can bring it anywhere. Be sure to check the product labels for the nutrition facts or ingredients you’d avoid or you’d be okay with.

“There’s a tremendous and quite confusing variety of RTD products out there, with more coming every day, the cold RTD beverage segment as a whole has been growing strong, and I’m sure cold brew, being produced largely by coffee roasters, has gotten a bump from the kind of American ‘craft food’ movement.” told Brown.

RTD products have been rising since 2011, like Portland-based Stumptown which began selling their cold brew RTD. And many other companies who produce the same type.

The trend increased. Even a huge brand like Starbucks, along with grocer Trader Joe’s are now producing their very own cold brew coffee.

Other Benefits

You can reuse your coffee grounds in the garden, just sprinkle it all around or as a body scrub which is very good to remove dead skin cells and more eco friendly, natural, than anything else.


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