Coffee Stains On Our Teeth! How Could It Happen?

Coffee Stains On Our Teeth! How Could It Happen?

Most of the people in the world can’t even run their day without having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but could this beverage really stain our teeth? If it does, it will really make us feel less confident when we smile and make us feel less brilliant.

How Does Caffeine Stain Our Teeth?

Actually, the enamel of our teeth is the toughest substance in the human body to remove. Why? Because it’s not flat and smooth, on the contrary, our teeth enal contain really small, even microscopic ridges that can hold particles of our food and beverages.

A dark coloured beverage like tea and coffee could leave their pigments on our teeth, filling in those microscopic cracks and ridges. If it’s not taken care of well, it can cause a permanent stain on our teeth. So be sure to brush your teeth every day and make it a routine!

What If I Add Some Cream and Make The Colour Lighter?

It may seem to make the coffee become light coloured and would stain less. However, the same pigments and acids are still there in the coffee even though if you add cream to it. Thus, adding anything else in the coffee like cream or sugar, or heavy creamer, won’t prevent anything from being stained. Unless you significantly lower your coffee consumption in your cups and add more cream into it.

How Can We Prevent Coffee Smile?

Honestly, the best way to avoid coffee smile is to avoid and give up caffeinated beverage like coffee, tea, or soda. However, this is unacceptable to some people, because they still need their caffeine intake. Rather than not taking any coffee or caffeine at all, try to drink your coffee with straws. I know it sounds silly and nobody has ever drunk their coffee with straws especially if it’s not in a bottle, cold brewed, or if it’s hot and served in a cup, but this trick saves your teeth more than you could ever imagine!

Even though it’s less practical than sipping right from the cup, but after finishing your coffee you could simply rinse your mouth with water or just brush your teeth throughout the day while you’re on your lunch break. Helping you to remove the dark pigments to stain on your teeth!

Using a whitening toothpaste and brushing regularly is a good way to maintain whiter teeth at home. In addition, visiting your dentist’s office for regular cleanings can remove many of the surface stains on your teeth, giving you a whiter smile, no matter how many cups of coffee you need to make it through the day.

Brush your teeth every day and regularly could really help you to maintain whiter teeth, especially if you use special toothpaste to whiten your teeth or use special formulas contained in your toothpaste to help you whiten those teeth. Another option is for you to go to the dentist and ask the dentist to remove stains or ask for whiter teeth permanently. That way, you can still consume your coffee every day with no worries!

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