Coffee Enthusiasts Top 9 Blogs To Surf

If you need coffee every day, I mean every single day and not enough for you. Maybe your curiosity about coffee hasn’t been fulfilled, here are the top 9 blogs for all of you coffee enthusiasts. No matter which type are you, coffee lover, coffee geek, nerd or trying to get into the world of coffee. These 9 blogs could give you a hand, give you a mindful of something.

  1. Sprudge

It’s a coffee news and culture site, free updates about the new upcoming coffee shop in town for you to try. And about the cultures, it’s all over the world culture, for example they have Iran. It’s very interesting to learn the culture of the thing you’re passionate of! There’s another site called Sprudge Wire. The contents would be coffee news all over the web, all in one place, one go. You’d be informed all about the latest news in the coffee world.


  1. Daily Coffee News

This site is run by Roast Magazine and positioned for professionals coffee maker or drinker. The ones who understand much before that already. It’s really full of news linked to the world coffee, with a touch of sustainability focus.

  1. Jimseven

One name. James Hoffman. Yes people it’s him. Does it ring a bell? It’s his blog and a very respected, well known man in the coffee industry. He’s an author of The World Atlas of Coffee (such a complete book that’ll take you all over the world). Not only an author, but he’s also a former barista champion, and he co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London. The blog has been here in the world for more than 10 years.

  1. Barista Hustle

So you’re a barista? Or just having the thought to become one? Don’t hesitate to jump and surf into this site. You’ll see crystal about what’s inside the baristas mind who serve you the love of your life, coffee. It’s more like a weekly email, but it’s also accessible if you want to read some articles.

  1. The Coffeetographer

It’s very catchy and visual, it’ll take you to explore coffee and more like a magazine that features independent coffee all over the world. It’s also on Instagram!!


  1. Dear Coffee I Love You

Now this one is more into reviews about coffee, some published articles, guides and the website says it all.

  1. Tess Presso

This is not a blog! It’s a very catchy Instagram and lovely to your eyes. Tess Presso use Instagram as its microblogging platform and her pictures are gorgeous and she has deep and meaningful understandings about what she has in her daily cup.

  1. Coffee Geek

Coffee Geek. It’s been established since 1997. How wealthy and many information they have, from consumer reviews, guides to an open forum discussions so it’ll be easier if you have doubts and many people have the answer or might help you with that. All about coffee.

  1. The Coffee Compass

The Coffee Compass helps you discover and navigate the coffee craft from the beginning, until it’s served in your cup from the farmers, producers, roasters, baristas, techniques, methods, new cafes and all related to that.



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