Cat Poop Coffee Is The New Coffee Trend- Dare To Try?

It seems like yesterday putting butter in our coffee was already weird enough for us. Now fasten your seat belt for the new coffee trend surpassed that old trend. It’s cat poop coffee, very popular in Southeast Asia, Vietnam to be specific.

However, it’s not a very brand new trend. NPR have tasted the unique unusual brew in 2012 known as Kopi Luwak /Luwak Coffee or ca phe chon. A “disturbing secret” was published by National Geographic in 2016 behind the story of it, but the high demand means high production and because of the rarity, cat poop coffee is gaining its momento. Leave us all wondering how does it taste like?!

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kopi luwak

The truth we haven’t been telling you is… to make the coffee, there are no cats involved. Instead of cats, it’s actually a catlike animal, weasel-looking in Indonesia, civets. First of all the civets would eat and digest coffee beans, the seeds will automatically get separated in its stomach and become fermented. Then they poop the seeds out and the beans will be collected, cleaned and roasted.

This type of coffee is not produced massively, it’s the most expensive coffee in the whole wide world. Cost you $100 a cup. Just a spoon of them would probably cost you $100 and up to $600 a bag. HMMMM.

It’s described as a very smooth coffee, earthy and not as bitter as the usual coffee. Highly recommended not to add any cream, sugar, or milk into the coffee. Have it black. Anything else will mixed up and ruin the original taste. It seems like it doesn’t worth your penny though, but if you’re a true adventurous person, coffee lover, risk taker, this might surprise you.



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