Caffeine Could Ruin Or Build Your Mood: It Is Linked to Anxiety and Depression

Caffeine Could Ruin Or Build Your Mood: It Is Linked to Anxiety and Depression

We live in diversity. In a very diverse world where people have different ways, different jobs, different options to pleasure themselves and to spend their free time. However, there’s one thing in this world that connects us, our very own common thing, that is consuming our daily caffeine intake. 90% of the population in the world consume caffeine, even though they consume it in different forms (coffee, tea, or soda). 80% of the population in the United States consume caffeine every day.

Caffeine is present in most of the beverages sold in stores. It does affect our bodies in some ways. For example, a morning coffee could simply wake us and make us feel more alert, from incapable to capable of seizing the day. Beware that caffeine could also affect your mood during the day!


This is the effect that we feel quickly after we consume caffeine. It also helps us a lot with out time by being more productive. Our performance will be affected and the positive effects are more noticeable! You would be able to notice that yourself is improving before you consume the caffeine.

Irritability And Anxiety

The way caffeine works are by stimulating the nervous system in the very centre of it, which is very important to the brain. Caffeine is tricking your brain into releasing dopamine and serotonin. This means that hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine could be released and these kind of hormones will involve the body’s fight or flight response. These such things are very useful if you’re having an emergency situation where you need to do everything quickly instead of just sitting around in the office.


This kind of response could cause people who consume coffee to become irritated by things that annoy them. Besides being irritated, they could also become agitated and anxious. Negative moods could follow you instead of the positive ones right after you consume coffee. A study has shown that people who consume more than 1,000 milligrams of caffeine a day tend to feel more nervous than the ones who consume less caffeine.


It’s not new anymore that coffee is linked to syndromes like depression. However, there’s a very unique case which some studies have shown that caffeine could have positive effects on depression. A study has shown that there are some chemical effects which can prevent the receptors of the brain from responding to stressful situations or when you’re under pressure. Thsi results in good responses instead of a stressful response, panic, bad mood or depression coming along the process of responses.

If we talk about the long-term benefit, caffeine could be able to fight depression and according to a research, 800 women in the United States who consumed caffeine are less depressed and less stressful than the women who don’t consume coffee and for those who drink 4 cups, a day have lower risk of depression.

There are also several reports about coffee being linked to depression symptoms, and by over-consuming caffeine in different kind of beverages like coffee, tea, and soda, it could cause negative effects on your mood more than you know. Other than your mood, it could also ruin your sleeping cycle like having insomnia.

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