Are You Crazy About Indonesian Coffee? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Are You Crazy About Indonesian Coffee? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Below are some of the things to know about Indonesian coffee.

Most coffee beans in Indonesia are consist of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica coffee. Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee exporters in the world other than Brazil and Vietnam. Indonesia has a very wide coffee plantation and destination, it’s spreading all from Aceh to Papua, it’s like from the very west of Indonesia to the very east of Indonesia.

If you’re a freak about Indonesian coffee and wanna know more about it so you can explore more about it and please yourself, here are the basic things you need to know about it.

The Characteristics of Coffee Beans

According to the co-owner of Moodbooster Coffee, Indra Febriansyah, coffee beans in Indonesia are basically consist of Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. He stated that “Each of the coffee bean types has their own characteristics — either from the bean’s shape, size, aroma, flavour, location and the height of the plantations.”

Another statement from a big, growing local coffee shop that sells high-quality Indonesian coffee beans is Anindita Sekar Jati of Tanamera Coffee Indonesia, “Every region has different geographical characteristics, from its soil to temperature to water quality,” said Anindita. “In terms of flavour, each coffee has its own taste note. There are certain terms to explain a coffee’s character, such as fruity, clean, nutty and smooth.”

Which Kind of Coffee You Should Drink

One of the barista at Tanamera Coffee Indonesia named Sadat suggested that you need to try Malabar Natural from West Java. The word Natural refers to the coffee processing if it’s natural processed that means the coffee is naturally dried by the sun and it’s resulting in a more fruity taste and a sweeter aroma. Malabar usually has that caramel taste and fruity flavours.

If you’re a fan of chocolate or chocolatey something, maybe the smell or perhaps the taste, you might want to give Toraja a shot! It’s a coffee from South Sulawesi and its original taste would be nutty with a good amount of acid.

Aceh Gayo coffee is also recommended by Indra, the coffee beans are commonly used in a lot of coffee shops. Aceh Gayo coffee would be awesome if it’s mixed with milk as a cappuccino or latte. It would have a little or more acid, but it’s a nice kind of acidic profile.

Other than Aceh Gayo coffee, Balinese coffee or Kintamani is something you gotta try. It is more fruity than the other coffee beans from Indonesia and provides you with a really refreshing flavour. If you’re still exploring and trying to find the coffee you love, your soulmate in the morning, you have to try West Java coffee. The acid is not something you’d keep in mind or even remember, for it’s light and soft, yet not too earthy.

Many Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee

“There are many ways to consume coffee, you can use an espresso machine or use manual brewing technique, it depends on your own taste,” told Indra.

If you wanna try manual brewing method, you gotta prepare some tools first. There are various tools available. From V60, Chemex, Kalita, Aeropress, and Siphon. The most commonly used tool would be V60 and Kalita, but it depends which tools are available in the coffee shops near you and depends on which kind of tool do you want. Each tool gives you a different result.

A different result is caused by different brewing methods, different materials (like plastic, metal or cloth) and a different surface of each tool. Another widely known tool would be French Press, it’s also quite portable if you feel like drinking a freshly brewed coffee on your vacation.

Manual brewing technique won’t become as strong as the coffee espresso machine made. The espresso machine will create and give you a stronger espresso shot, rather than manual brewing because manual brewing is brewed by a person and has more amount of water than espresso.

Indra stated, “But of course there’s a particular skill that needs to be learned when using an espresso machine and manual brewing technique, the simplest way would definitely be kopi tubruk — it suits our archipelago taste, right?”

Create Your Own Coffee

For those of you who have the interest to create your own coffee, don’t be too confused and don’t get lost about which kind of tool you should get and the more expensive they are, don’t mean they have better quality. Suit your skill and as your skill is improving, you can get a better equipment or tool.
A nice first tool for you to start learning about manual brewing technique would with V60. It means you’ll need a dripper and a filter. Some shops have all the equipment you might need for a starter kit. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who has more understanding and experience in this field.

The Best Time To Enjoy Your Cup of Joe

Sadat thinks that coffee should be good between 7 am to 8 pm, depends on when people need their caffeine during their day. “People ideally drink coffee in the morning to make them more energized, while in the afternoon there are people who drink coffee to be more relaxed,” told Sadat.

Most people like having an espresso in the morning for a boost or for a kick in. In the afternoon, people typically choose manual brew to have a more relaxing beverage.

However, according to Indra the best time to please yourself with coffee and fulfil your needs would be around 10 am to 12 pm. You don’t wanna drink coffee in the morning before your breakfast because scientifically, that will do something to your stomach! And if you have coffee too early in the morning, it will make you want more coffee during the day.

“But, if you prefer to have milk in your coffee, then it is best to drink cappuccino because it has a lower ratio of milk compared to a latte,” explained Indra. For people who are concerned with their body, just consume the low-fat milk.

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