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All Coffee Trends in 2018- It’s The Year of Coffee!

According to a survey, it’s believed that it’s a lot more important to have good coffee in your house rather than a good wine. It’s a strong statement if you compare it to booze you know!

As the coffee house industry grown very fast for the past few years, consumers are changing, developing to be more educated and the curiosity grows in them, which means they would think about brewing their own coffee at home.

A study shows that 10% of people would very much judge their mates if they serve them bad coffee at the house.

The competition is tight! Coffee in 2018 is about to get serious and deep into the business!

Coffee experts Jonathan Wadham and Rick Tingley, are specialists of coffee at Taylors of Harrogate and Gennaro Pellicia.

1. Filter coffee quality
Wadham told that filter coffee fans are getting bigger and potential. Not only it tastes great, but they serve it quickly, not to mention the health benefits of filter coffee, oh there are lots of those. Wadham predicts more high-quality filter coffee will be on the menu of many coffee houses this year.

filter coffee

2. Alternatives to Milk
What’s trending and popular now is almond milk and soy milk. Wadham explains a substitution of cows’ milk for almond and soy if the consumers prefer for that. They’re healthier and some of them are friendly for vegan people. More espresso with milk, such as flat whites, piccolos, cappuccinos will be ordered more often in the market this year.

3. Espresso tonic
It may sound odd at first, but IT IS SO GOOD. It’s truly made for people who want to keep their coffee powerful with some freshness. It’s made from a good quality of espresso, ice and tonic. Espresso tonic bombards the Instagram last year. It was trending from hipster to the usual post. Once the influencers in Instagram post it, more people are trying that.

4. Processed coffee
“A trend for natural processed coffee is increasing, which is when coffee cherries are dried with the fruit on the bean at the origin. It results in extraordinarily fruity and berry-like flavour characteristics,” told Tingley. This is the oldest method ever created, because back then they don’t have any tools or technology to help them with the coffee cherries, so they just laid it out under the sun to be dried. The origin is from Ethiopia and Panama, they’ve been doing the method for years and now it’s one of the considerations in consumers head before they choose which coffee to buy.

coffee cherries
5. Coffee-cherry tea
This beverage is made from the discarded skin of coffee cherries. It’s called cascara. The outer part that protects the coffee bean inside. It’s mostly consumed in Bolivia which they called sultana and has the same amount of caffeine percentage with coffee. Instead of making it another coffee, they make the cascara as tea and can be added in cocktails. People are curious about the cascara tea and want to try it, also they start to become environmentally friendly for saving the skin to be thrown away.

Somehow, it’s illegal in the United Kingdom because cascara is a strong laxative, so think before you have it.

6. Cold brew
This taste more mellow and a little sweeter than the usual coffee because the coffee houses add their own secret ingredients and it’s brewed for 24 hours so it contains a high percentage of caffeine. It’s easy to make and you can just let the science create it for you in 24 hours. It helps the coffee bring out its natural acidity and give a different kind of taste, but with a gentle touch resulting in a brighter aftertaste in your cup.

cold brew

7. Nitro brew
This is a new type of coffee, they infused nitrogen on the cold brew! It makes the coffee richer and creamier texture and still have it cold. It has the velvety feeling in your mouth and sometimes compared to Guinness. “Both these drinks offer something different, and they can also help boost coffee shop menus throughout warmer months where hot drinks as less in demand,” says Wadham.

Not only Wadham, Tingley also thinks that nitro cold brew coffee is the next huge thing that’s gonna happen. Some Starbucks chain in the United Kingdom has brought it and had a great success and fame from it.

“Speciality coffee houses are investing in kits worth thousands of pounds to produce this kind of coffee for their customers – they’re also beginning to put this on retailers’ shelves in cans, this is something we anticipate becoming much stronger in the UK speciality coffee scene over the coming years,” said Tingley.

8. Smart coffee makers
Coffee becomes more and more interesting with the help of technology. There are many machines to make coffee, from the luxurious to the simplest like Swiss Jura range for example. The coffee machines are smart coffee machines, like smartphones. The possibilities to help you not get out of bed is high. You could order a latte in bed just by the click of your hand if you have the machine next to you. Stay tuned for more information coming.

9. Everything flat
The whole flat family is growing! Black is the new white and in certain coffee houses, you can order flat everything. Flat black, flat mocha, and flat everything. The millennials generation are insane for a cup of avolatte, an avocado latte. It’s like the ultimate power boost and because it’s trending!

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