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A Quick List of The Important Equipment You Need For Your New Coffee Shop

Opening a business is not ass easy as it appears. The hardest thing about opening a business usually comes down to the little things to complete the place we could be missed out.

Entering a coffee business will never too late. It’s still growing because coffee consumption is increasing in the market and coffeehouses need a constant supply of coffee beans, bakery or pastries and other things.

Keeping track of your budget will be a great thing to do and businesses always try to cut their cost, keeping it as low as possible. However, you need to be a coffee geek and do a lot of research about coffee, the local roaster, reasonable market price, what’s trending in your market, wholesale coffee beans suppliers and the equipment that could support the quality of your coffee shop.

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Here’s a quick list of the equipment you need for you to get started:

1. Automatic Drip Coffee Makers
Believe it or not, the simple black coffee will be the 30% of your sales. What do you need for the drip coffee maker then? It must be a durable product, able to produce high quantity coffee, not to mention the quality. It’s gotta be a quick one which can satisfy the demands during peak hours, morning and the afternoon. It should be the one who could produce quite a lot of coffee in batches so the barista wouldn’t need to brew coffee all the time and irritate the waiting customers.

It’s okay to have more than one, in fact, we recommend at least two. Just in case the customers want something else and you can keep the coffee you sell in your shop varies. Customers could choose more than one type of coffee beans, that’d be fun! You can have more blends if you want to or if you think the business is growing and the customers might want more.

2. Espresso Machine With A High Quality
The very base element of your coffee is espresso. No matter what you create; cappuccino, latte, piccolo, americano, long black, affogato. You need espresso. They’re all espresso based mixed with steamed milk or water. Since it’s the base of everything, you need an espresso machine with a top quality. Get the right one, no games. It may cost you a lot but it’s totally worth it and very durable if you keep it clean and take care of it.

espresso machine
3. Industrial Coffee Grinder
The coffee beans that haven’t been grounded are in the inventory to keep their freshness. When you want to grid it, you gotta do it right away immediately. This means adding an industrial coffee grinder is necessary. Different beans could affect the smells there and the aroma of the espresso.

4. Water and Milk
Okay, this is not an equipment, but water and milk have a huge role in the coffee business. What you use to mix with coffee could create a very different result and taste. If you’re not aware of it, well the Q graders will.

Water: You might need a filtration system for the water to extend the life of your precious espresso machine and significantly increase how your coffee will taste, because 98 percent of what the customers drinking is water, coffee is only 2 percent of it. If the water you have contains such a high mineral, it would more likely to ruin your equipment swiftly.

Milk: Oh boy, different brands of milk have different tastes and it’ll be great if you do some research and maybe taste each of them carefully. You need to consider milk because it’ll be mixed with coffee and it’ll be steamed for the hot drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and piccolos.

5. Refrigeration System
You need a refrigerator to keep everything fresh. Your fragile dairy products which are like babies you need to take care of, fresh food or pastries. To make it easier you need both displays near the counter or the bar.

Imagine where you wanna put it when you get down to designing the interior of your coffee shop. Everything must be in a comfortable, reachable place, aesthetically pleasing and enough room for the barista to walk around quickly so they can take orders and make the orders.

You also want the refrigeration to stick with the theme you have and not confusing everybody. Decide which type you wanna have and use the most of them.

6. Pumps, Containers, an Others
Choose a hardware that sticks to the theme to store your coffee beans and store other things that you have in your coffee shop. For example, syrup to add extra flavour, boxes, brushes to clean the coffee grounds, pumps to help cleaning. Check out some coffee shops and see how they keep them neat and clean and learn from it.

coffee shop
If your storage system is not neat and blurry, your employees will be confused and end up do the way they please with the storage. It’ll run bad and inefficient. At the end of the day, you will be unsure about your clean profit and expense for the supplies.

Most stores serve breakfast sandwiches, or at least bagels and pastries, which will necessitate either a conveyor toaster or a pop-up model; a full commercial toaster buying guide for the new restaurant owner can be found here.

If you have frozen breakfast sandwiches, similar to big chains like Starbucks, you’ll want a quick but compact oven (or two) that baristas have easy access to without clogging the entire front-of-house operation. Here are a few of the fastest, most effective modern ovens, as far better alternatives than the dreaded microwave.

7. Cooking Devices: Ovens, Toasters, and Others
A small selection of food on the menu will be enough because hey, it’s not a restaurant. Some common food on the menu will be enough to match coffee. The food should be served quickly because the coffee could be done in any seconds. Keep your operation quick, running, and efficient.

Some common menu ideas are frozen sandwiches, you can heat it in the oven when someone orders it. Some bagels, pastries like croissants. You can make it a pop-up model or display model as a commercial to influence customer’s buying decision. An oven or two would be very much useful so people don’t have to wait in line just for a sandwich. It’s quick and efficient.

8. Security System
Security system in a service business includes cameras, burglar alarms in the front door or back door and a proper oversight to reduce any harm to the customers or employees. With cameras, you’ll be able to evaluate the service of your employees without being there. Whether they make the orders wrong, give too much or take some cash.

Pick an expert company that’s been trusted with a lot of businesses to take care of it. Check ou the installation and other process. As a newbie in the market, a loss profit from theft is something you don’t need or don’t even wanna think about.

Here’s a handy guide outlining the things you should consider when creating a security plan for your business.

9. Shelvings
Shelving is one of the most underestimated things and would be the last thing people think about. However, if you sell small merchandise like mugs, french press or other coffee accessories related to making money out of the coffee itself, shelving would be a great promotional tool. If it’s pretty on the eyes, people might get them.

Don’t put a lot of things in the shelvings because it’ll give a chaotic vibe, looking clattered all over the place. Make sure to leave enough space and a shelving that’s too far from the barista will make them walk a few minutes and they have to be quick for the customers. So think about how you want to arrange the shelving.

10. Freezers and Cold Product Storage
If you plan to make your coffee shop model just like the big chain Starbucks which has food and drink, you’ll need freezers in front of your coffee shop near the barista space work and another freezer back where you keep the inventory.

The selection of frozen food to be warmed up by the oven should be kept near the baristas so they can work easily and have easy access to it and to the customers.

Have a large and compact freezer, consider the durability and longevity of it. Think about how many things you wanna put in your freezer and consider the size of the freezer you’re gonna get.

11. Some Industrial Blenders
Blended drink lovers have increased by 20 percent in 2013. It’s no secret that blended drinks look luscious, tempting, refreshing, and different overall. It could be seasonal and they truly sell! You can create different blended drinks depending on seasons like spring, summer, fall, or winter. They most likely add yoghurt or fruits essentials during spring and summer and a touch of cinnamon during fall. You can also create it based on holidays like Christmas and Halloween for example. You can also add fruits to your ingredients, the most common fruits would be berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, banana, and oranges. But remember it’ll add more cost and fruits won’t last long if you stock up.

You’ll need a quick blender and the one with a good quality, the one that won’t break easily because you’ll be making a lot of frozen blended drinks.

12. Hardware and Point of Sale System
Terrible inventory management like slow payment processing with cards or computers will slow down the traffic, especially during peak hours. With an efficient point of sale system (cloud-based recommended), you won’t have to bother about inputting your income or output data or inventory because the system will help you with no human error mistake or discount. It’s gotta be reliable.

coffee shopBut the system will be system and you will have to analyse it, track it through your emails, track your profits, check the inventory and see if they all add up. The system will help you, but you might still need a list of how the stock flows.

Honestly, there’s no exact recipe for how to be successful. You have to understand what works for you and what might work for the society, neighbourhood where you want to open the coffee shop. Understand the demographics, needs, and wants of your market.

Once you’re settled with the equipment you wanna buy, you can move on to the human resources. Select your cashiers, baristas, design the interior of your coffee shop, merchandise and choose your suppliers carefully. Once everything is arranged, you can thrive in the growing market!





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