7 eleven recycle bins

A Must Read To All Coffee Enthusiasts Out There

A Must Read To All Coffee Enthusiasts Out There!!

You’re the kind of person who can’t make it through the day from 8-6 without your coffee. We all do and let’s admit we all do feel a slight pang of guilt when we throw away our takeaway coffee cups. Just so you know, it takes 20 years for coffee cups to be fully decomposed. How many times you’ve been throwing them away this week? Let the question sink in and drown you in it so you can find the answer.

The feeling of guilty would be stronger when you know that some of the cups can never be recycled at all. More than one million of takeaway cups, even one billion takeaway cups end up in landfill every year. Studies told that if we placed the cup and arranged them end to end, it’d be enough to stretch the Australian coast for three times. Yes, not just one time.

7-Eleven proudly announced that you can recycle your coffee cups every day at the local store near you. 7-Eleven make it pretty much budget friendly and making sure the Australian coffee culture will become eco-friendly too.

7-Eleven plans to start the revolution in Australia by recycling coffee cups to save 70 million cups and slowly reach the landfill. About 200 coffee cups bins are put in many stores in Australia. After they collected them in the bins, they will enter recycling facilities, not landfill! It would be easy for all of us to set up a coffee cup recycling box anywhere you like to throw away your takeaway cups, like your office or house for example and run them all at the end of the week!

Help wipe out waste by investing reusable cups and nix coffee cups together. If you have the heart for our mother earth, it only takes by the small simple step.

recycle bin

7 eleven recycle bins

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