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7 Black Coffee Benefits You Should Know to Seize More of Your Day


Some people may generalize coffee by its look. Some may not realize any difference between instant coffee and those that are served with manual brewing. Coffee is more than just a mere drink. Today, it is part of many people’s lifestyle. Since coffee have been proved by numerous studies to be beneficial for health, it is necessary to inform people knowledge about this precious bean. So it will not be a loss for those who mistakenly think all coffee is same.

Black coffee is coffee which is served without milk or creamer. This way, the original taste of the drink will not be distracted by sweetness and the most important thing is, this is the best way to get the most benefit of the drink. As we all know that numerous studies have shown that coffee contains beneficial substances for the bodies that brings advantageous impact to physical performance and brain function. What are exactly goodness this beverage offers? There are plenty. To make it clearer, we divided black coffee benefit into two classifications.

Black Coffee for Longevity

It is said that black coffee benefit plays part to increase chance of longevity for the drinkers. It is related to the research results that showed substances in coffee can lower the risk of dangerous diseases. Appropriate brewing and regular consumption, we can really get the health benefit of drinking black coffee.

1. Protection to Cancers

Cancer is among the top list of dangerous diseases that cause death. Unfortunately, people often time do not realize the first time they get infected by the disease or they cannot really find out what they actually did which has triggered the cancer cell to grow inside the bodies. Black coffee benefit based on one study is that regular consumption of black coffee 4 cups a day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 40%. Meanwhile, the risk of colorectal cancer, the fourth leading cause of death can be reduced by 15%. Moderate consumption of coffee can also help decreasing the risk of prostate cancer in males and endometrial cancer in females.

2. Protection to Liver Problems

Everyday, liver carries an intense job in the body. It is responsible for the blood cleaning process, energy storage, protein production, and more. Sadly, this vital organ can get serious disease like hepatitis and fatty liver. These liver disease in long term can trigger a condition known as cirrhosis. It is when scar tissue forms on the liver that slowly replace health tissue. It surely damages the liver normal function. Regular, moderate coffee intake significantly reduce the risk of cirrhosis as the substance lower liver stiffness.

3. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes Type II

Among the enormous health problem is diabetes type II. It is a condition when the insulin cannot be secreted. Therefore, blood sugar elevates. Caffeine in black coffee declines insulin sensitivity so consequently reduces the risk level of diabetes type II.

4. Help the Recovery Process from Getting Injured

People who do intense body movements are prone to physical injury. Another black coffee benefit is, it makes recovery process more effective, if consumed regularly.

Black Coffee to Improve Quality of Life

Not only beneficial for physical performance and health, coffee bring goodness for brain function as well. This is a significant help for us to be more present in doing daily activities. Good function of the brain correspondently improves life quality.

1. Improve Intelligence

Caffeine is the commonly used psychoactive substance. When it gets into the brain through the bloodstream, it blocks the work of adenosine. Adenosine is a natural chemical substance in the body that stimulates sleepiness. Therefore, one will get more awareness, energy, and good mood by regularly drinking black coffee. Not only those relate to physical performance improvement but also enhance cognitive function that in result, will improve intelligence in certain short period.

2. Improve Memory

For people who have experienced aging, black coffee is a useful yet enjoyable aid. Aging relates to the decreasing ability of memory. One could be more forgetful and clumsy. High caffeine level in this drink refines memory function by keeping the brain active. Furthermore, coffee also keeps nerves active that in the end will help us avoiding common health problems related to aging such as dementia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer.

3. Mood Booster

Delicacy in a cup of black coffee can help the drinker feels comfortable and relaxed. This is important to boost mood level and keep it good. Caffeine stimulates the nerve system to produce body substances which are responsible to bring happier feeling. Those are dopamine and serotonin. This amazing work based on study, can fight depression that later help reducing the chance of suicide. Two to four cup of coffee a day significantly lower the suicide risk level by 50%.

Guide for Beginners

Recognizing black coffee benefit, you may now be interested to drink black coffee or you may plan to change your instant, sweet and creamy coffee with black coffee. Once again to remind you, black coffee is best to enjoy without creamer, milk, sugar, or any other artificial sweetener. Not only those will distract the original taste of coffee, but also they are high in calorie. It will prevent you from getting the most benefit of the drink that we previously discuss. stated that by enjoying pure black coffee, you will acknowledge the real taste. You will even later recognize difference among beans. Coffee is not just an enjoyable drink with a slight bitterness. More than that, it tell stories of how it was planted. You may have never imagined that coffee can have natural flavor of cinnamon, chocolate, even fruits. That is one of the reasons which make coffee experience is personal, special, yet complicated.

Coffee beans which are planted in different areas will result in different taste, too. Here in Indonesia, according to, the beans profile is dark. You may also notice the natural taste of cocoa after drinking it. Indonesia has numerous delicious coffee beans. The taste profiles are infected by the land, weather, and also plants which are grown together with the beans such as fruit, vegetables, or spices. Popular and enjoyable inside and outside the nation.

Sumatra coffee is special because of its unique scent and earthy flavor. For Arabica lovers, Aceh Gayo coffee is a must try. It is said to be the best Arabica coffee throughout the nation.

Meanwhile, if you get curious with fruity flavor in a cup of coffee, you can try Toraja or Bali KIntamani coffee. The toraja beans have glossy skin from the fruit peels. It tastes sour. For more unique experience, Bali Kintamani coffee offers you sour and fresh flavors, hint of natural taste from orange and apple. It is a result from the planting method, known astumpang sari. There, coffee farmers plant the beans along with fruits and vegetables. If you expect a little surprise from a fruity-taste coffee, try Javanesse coffee. It has a little shot spicy aroma.

Another unique beans is the Bajawa Flores. It is planted in fertile, mountainous soil. The wet brewing process results unique flavor and tobacco scent in the drink. Wamena Papua coffee also has tobacco smell. It is planted without chemical substance added. The coffee is low in acidity. It may suit the chocolate lovers since it also has chocolate smell.


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