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6 Unfamiliar Things About Coffee You Don’t Know

fact about coffee


If you feel like you know everything about coffee and there’s nothing more to learn or nothing more out there you don’t know.. Hey, read these stuff below about unfamiliar things about coffee you don’t know yet! Might not be useful if you have the skill to make coffee, but these facts are fun to share with and they’re interesting, so why not?

1. Franz George Golschitzy – father of coffee from Europe

Coffee had not yet been found in Europe until the late 1600s. It had found its way because of the explorers and traders bringing samples from overseas, other than that there were no coffee farms, traders or anything going on anywhere in Europe.


In the late 1600s, The Ottoman Empire was struggling to conquer Europe and defeated in Vienna to King John III of Poland, because a guy called Franz George Kolschitzky was able to speak in seven different languages and he disguised as a Turkish officer so the Polish armies would let them know that Vienna was under attack.

The Turkish forces left. When I said left, they also left everything they brought including coffee. No one knew what to do with it, except for a guy who spent his time in the Middle East called Franz. He took the sacks of coffee, opened his very first coffee house in Schlossergass, Vienna, Europe. He named his coffee house Hof Zur Blauen Flasche, which means “The House Under The Blue Bottle” and that’s how Blue Bottle Coffee got their name.

From historical documents, Franz did exist in this world, spoke more than one language and took an important role in the battle of Vienna. Some historians couldn’t agree and it’s very difficult to separate legend from historical facts. He received a license to serve coffee in Vienna and Franz is a hero to the people of Vienna. They made a statue of him on the street named after his name and used to celebrate him every October in honour of what he did, until recently.

2. Thousand of different compounds are contained in coffee !

Most of the compounds are found to be naturally chemical, the others are likely to be developed by the roasting process. The coffee itself is already tiny, how could it contain so many different things? Well the compounds themselves must be very tiny.

The coffee is even found inside a cherry. Isn’t it amazing? All the process of farming, roasting, grounding and brewed must be appreciated. However, the natural chemicals are also found in the coffee berry seed.

coffee beans

What’s the actual purpose of the bean inside the coffee cherry? Let’s assume so that everyone would be safe and won’t swallow the coffee right away. The coffee cherries would look very appealing to the animals and they’d probably want them. But truly, it’s designed for humans. That’s why the coffee is inside the coffee cherry. There is a book about different chemicals found in coffee, “Coffee: Volume 1, Chemistry” by Ronald James Clark. The book has a lot of list of the chemicals found in coffee.

The science of coffee might be appealing to baristas, Q graders, and coffee roasters. The price cost you around £72 and would be a very useful book if you’re a professional in the coffee world.

3. A coffee bean is not actually a bean

For starters, if you already know the characteristics of instant coffee and filter coffee, you might already know about this, especially if you work professionally in the coffee industry; barista, roasters, and q graders. Doesn’t mean that we’re smarter than the professionals, no we won’t assume it that way.

Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee cherries, but they’re not actual beans.

Seeds are the beginning of all beans. In order to become a bean, the seed has to be in the member of bean family; Fabaceae, Leguminosae or Papilionaceae. Coffee is not in that.

There are two seeds which called pea-berries and the visualisation of them are more like peanuts than beans when they’re removed from the skin and flesh.

4: Coffee was consumed as a food instead of a beverage

The East African tribes were believed to be the first people who consumed coffee and the way they did it, they mixed coffee cherries with animal fat to make coffee and it became a fat energy ball, like the father of all protein power bar!

The people of the tribes would keep the balls in storage and consume them when they feel like they need an energy boost, for example, the common activity around the time, was hunting. Until around 1000 A.D coffee begun to be processed as a beverage instead of a food.


Logically, people might have eaten coffee as food rather than drinking it because of the looks and how they appeal to our eyes. Plump looking red berries, not poisonous and would taste wonderful if they’re picked at the right time when they’re ripe. The coffee cherries could just be sucked rather than chewing them which can leave your mouth a bitter taste.

We don’t know about the coffee fat balls. Whether they truly give an energy boost or not, but the green coffee beans extract are thought to be a superfood. Eating them would make it all make sense. But… how did they eat them? Rock solid fat balls. Hmm.

5: ‘Coffe-cam’ was the first thing to be in a webcam

The University of Cambridge had a computer lab they called the Trojan Room. The first thing to be shown in a webcam, seen by millions of people all over the world, was a pot of coffee. Only a pot of coffee. It was the first time and they did it for a research. Even though we might never know why they choose a pot of coffee for that.

6: Coffee has the ability to prevent car or road accidents

Yes, we know that if we burnout or tired it would be harmful to us on the road especially if we’re the one driving. But it’s nothing to be underestimated. There are around 500 road deaths cases in a year caused by burnout. You can pull over and rest for awhile to increase alertness. However, studies have shown that a little short nap after having your coffee, tea, or soda (drinks that contain caffeine) could really increase alertness better than just having a nap.

Scientifically explained, it’s because of the adenosine slows down the activities of the nerve cell and makes us feel drowsy. Nap could naturally clear adenosine from cells, allowing caffeine to get in and lock on to receptors more effectively, rather than more adenosine locked in the cells. It’s the truth about the human body and not just a myth. It could diminish drowsiness and if God is on your side you’d be far far away from accidents.


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