how coffee and caffeine improve your memory

5 Reason Why Coffee is Good For Office Workers

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An adequate amount of coffee – up to 400mg, is safe and beneficial for each person – also for the office workers. How? Here some of the coffee benefits for office worker you should know


Coffee Can Improve The Function of Your Brain

Coffee have main ingredients that called caffeine, which is a renowned brain stimulant and also a psychoactive substance.

For brain function, caffeine can enhances specific neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and also dopamine which leads to enhanced firing of neurons and can enhance memory, concentration and working ability.

coffee can increase work productivity

Coffee Can Help Relieves the Pain:

Two cups of coffee can help to cut muscle pain after work out. You wonder how it can be. Caffeine has natural tendency to block pain receptors. So each working person can take its benefits if he feels work relate pain or stretch. If the pain is persistent and more often then immediately take help from your family physician.

Coffee can Boost Your Energy :

Bitter sip of coffee is good to maintain the energy levels of workers. Caffeine helps stimulates the fats breakdown which provides fuel to body and the workers stay energized throughout their working hours.


Coffee can Increase Physical Performance :

Caffeine not only help fat degradation, physical working of coffee lovers is more than others because coffee can enhances the level of epinephrine in the blood, this special hormone make the body ready to do intense physical working and increase the stamina of the coffee drinker up to 11-12 percent.



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