10 Things You Can Do With Coffee Other Than Drinking It


Coffee has been around for centuries all over the world. If you’re like billions of people in the world who like to start your day with a cup of coffee, it automatically give you an energy boost then you must know that coffee is also very useful for other things too other than drinking it!

Many people consider themselves true connoisseurs who purchase only the best quality fair trade organic coffee beans and ground them just before use. There is so much more that you can do with coffee than just enjoy it as a beverage?

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1. Use it in dry rubs

Ground beans could be added to any dry rub mix on steak or pork. Just add a couple tablespoons of coffee to your favorite dry rub for a smokier flavor, but not too much or it would ruin the flavour!

2. Add the grounds to brownies

If you want just a little hint of coffee flavor to your brownies, add a tablespoon or two of grounds to your brownie mixture and bake as you normally do. Congratulations, you have just successfully combine the two best thing on this planet, coffee and chocolate.

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3. Unclog your drains

Pour half a cup of grounds into the drain with half a cup of dish soap. Pour a full kettle of boiling water down the drain and it’s done, no chemicals would be needed.

4. Clean out your garbage disposal

Simply combine coffee grounds with a cup of water. Pour the mixture into a running garbage disposal to clean and sharpen the blades.

5. Clean your hands

Use wet grounds to remove odor by rubbing them on your fingers, then rinsing. You should clean your hands with used coffee grounds after you cut vegetables, garlic or anything that leaves a strong odor from what you just did in the kitchen perhaps, coffee will neutralise it and help.

6. Repel insects

Coffee grounds can make a great natural insect repellant. All you need to do is sprinkle some coffee grounds in the cracks of your wall or any other area where you don’t want bugs to be near or live in your room. You can even rub wet grounds on yourself, if you don’t mind having coffee all over your legs or neck!

7. Remove bags under your eyes

Use grounds to remove bags under tired, sleepless eyes. Mix some grounds with water, apply underneath your eyes and let the mixture dry. After 15 minutes, gently wipe the paste off. The skin right around your eyes is extra thin, so you want to be extra careful when wiping, don’t wipe t too hard or it will hurt your eye and don’t put the grounds too close to your eyes.


8. Exfoliate your skin

Gently massage used grounds into your skin then rinse off. You can use this method on your face or body, there are so many benefits when you exfoliate dead skin, not only it removes dead skin but it could whiten and make your skin more soft and smooth.

9. Wash your hair

Shampoos, styling mousses, hairsprays and other products will leave residue in your hair and make it look like you have dandruffs on your head. The grittiness of the coffee grounds will help to remove this build up. Apply grounds to your hair when showering,just think of it as if it’s a hair mask leaving in for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly. But beware! Because coffee could darken your hair so if you have light coloured hair, blonde or anything else don’t use it too much in a regular frequency.

10. Enrich your compost bin

Coffee is rich in nitrogen, which is a great addition to your compost bin. Collect coffee grounds for a couple of weeks, then toss them on your compost pile. For an extra potent mix, add one part coffee, one part leaves and one part freshly mown grass. Mix together then add to the pile. Worms love coffee grounds, and compost loves worm!

Now you can try some of the tips above!

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