10 Hacks To Get and Stay Motivated About Yourself

Have you ever feel like you’re procrastinating something when you’re not supposed to do it? You find yourself trying to do something so badly, instead you’re just procrastinating. Everything that you’ve planned, your goals, your dreams, the ones that ate on the list and had been set are not done yet and you told yourself you’ll start tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, next week turns to months.

We all have been there before at the road of starting something but never really finishing it. There are also a lot of people with good and bright ideas, but the ideas are never really explored or pursued because the lack of motivation. There is no self motivation in that person.

We have a little story here. There are two friends, Tom and Karma. Tom was a lover of love fictional stories and always wanted to write his very own book of love. Then, he started writing and at some point, he stopped. He will bring his book all around and read it to people, and ask their feedback. He read it out loud. Only to hear that people said that the book is not interesting. In fact, it’s boring. He come back home brokenhearted and desperate. The next day, he will take his story out and read it again only to find the same feedback. Again, with disappointment he came back home. Every time he wants to continues his story, he ends up holding onto the pen looking at the paper until it slips away.

He kept doing it for days and then months and eventually gave up on his dreams of being a writer. Then one day Karma came to borrow a book from Tom. When Karma was searching the book he wanted to borrow, he saw Tom’s story and took the book, start to read it and got to a point in the book where he stopped. He asked Tom if it was his story and Tom said please don’t mind about it and don’t remind him of his own misery. Then Karma said that he have read the story but has not ended, so how can one value it and what’s the reason behind this writing.

Tom’s mind has finally awaken and he felt like he had to finish his story in order to let people know the content fully. For all this to happen, he need to have a reason for writing story and the reason will make him stay motivated and finish the whole story.

What is self motivation?

It is the spark, that turns to a fire, a burning passion inside all of us without somebody else’s influence or opinions that will make us lose interest in pursuing what we want. Here are some 10 tips that will keep us standing tall:


  1. Have a cause

Achieving a goal without a course is like missing a ball in an empty net, and that will only do you more harm than good. Having a course makes you focus on achieving your dream, and when your energy starts to wear out and you remember the reason you are trying to build your dreams, it will motivate you to keep on building that dream of yours.

Having a goal without a course is like missing a dressing on your salad and you’ll only do more harm than good. Having it will make you feel focus on achieving what you wanna have whenever you’re lack of energy and keep in mind the reason you’re trying to build your dream and why you start in the first place. You need to always have a reason when you wanna do something, that will keep you on check from losing everything from the path to attain your goals.

  1. Think of the reward

The feel of getting a reward makes you want to do more in order to get your reward.  Anytime you start to lose interest in want you are doing and you remember the reward awaiting you at the end, you will get all excited and start to push hard to accomplish your work in order to get the reward.

That feeling of getting a reward, makes you wanna do something more to achieve the reward. Whenever you feel like you start losing interest, remember the reward that will be waiting for you at the end of the day and start to push yourself to work harder. We do things that we hope of getting reward of in the end. Whether it’s for our self satisfaction, for work or anything else. It makes us want to do more and in the process, we forget the reward at the end but then when we remember it again, it gives us motivation towards getting that.

  1. Do the things that you love

If you do things just for money, fame or your dream house, man or woman, sooner or late it will all drown and sink to the drain. At some point, you’ll feel slowly moving away from it but when you’re ready to do something you love, you feel happy and that’s what matters. You get motivated to do even more and more and never stop until it’s done.


  1. Consider the outcome

Considering the outcome will only increase your effort into getting your work done. If youu’re trying to establish a business and your zeal is wearing out, you think about the outcome it’ll have on people. Either by hiring them, solving their issues, or get yourself together of the business. Stop your mind from thinking so much. Think more about how it could affect people and others.

  1. Learn something new

Learn something new is a whole new level to keep yourself motivated, you can build yourself in many fields and see which one you love best, which one reflects you the most, which one that brings you joy the most and  the feeling of getting to know that you’ve learned something new is very overwhelming. It increase your knowledge and you can help other people who might probably have the same issues.

  1. Stay hungry

Stay hungry, is highly recommended by Jack Ma. It’s another way to stay motivated and it can make you do things which seem impossible. It’s a force on its own and the thought of being hungry will only motivate you to work yourself harder in any situations. It’s another strong way to get self-motivated because the thought of it will take you through difficult moments to get you back as a hungry person again.

  1. Start small

Don’t try to spread everything in so many places, narrow it all down into something specific and start moving from there. If you start to involve yourself in many things, you’ll end up wearing off all your energy that’ll only make you lose everything you’ve already built. Starting small helps you to contain any unexpected crisis that might happen if you do too many things at once. You’ll find it hard to manage when the problems start to show or pop up.

Take the example from the ants, they build their house little by little and by the time you realise, they already have a nice home.


  1. Always take one more step

One more step to a new challenging life, one more step forward. Don’t stay put in your comfort zone, but move out and achieve something more! Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t let the thought of failure sink into you. Forget about the obstacles and just face what’s ahead of you and think about the outcome, focusing on one more step.

  1. Be positive

Keep trying what’s possible for you and be positive all the time. It’s hard for your mind to stay positive with all the pushy surroundings but you have to make an effort and tell your mind to trash all the negativity because it’s very consuming and you don’t want it. Quickly push them out of your head! If you’re able to improve yourself to think positive, you will be able to accomplish whatever ahead.

  1. Stay focus

Concentrate and focus one step at a time on what you want, move to do another thing and when starting a new task, keep on moving from one thing to another. You’ll find it hard to be motivated but try to practice  staying focus and more alert about what you do, and more alert about your mind. You can try exercise like yoga to be more focused.

To have self motivation is important to all of us, in every aspects of our lives. Whether to start a business, adventures, decisions in life, goals, dreams. Self motivation will take you to a better place.

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